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Campaign Services

Political Strategy
HQ Management
Voter Education
Data Analysis
Transition Management
Direct Mail
Legal Research
Grassroots Mobilization
Faith-Based Mobilization
Message Development
Image Building
Campaign Materials
GIS Data Mapping
Campaign Websites

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Let's Talk Politics!

"21st Century Campaigning requires a balance of experience, technology and the art of persuasion."

Vincent T. Sylvain
President, Policamp, Inc.

Let's Talk Politics!

POLICAMP is an integrated political consulting entity which provides campaign services for ballot initiatives and candidates seeking elective office. Specializing in developing effective Political Game Plans with proven results, POLICAMP offers multidimensional guidance which includes GOTV (Get-Out-The-Vote), E-campaign, voter contact, voter data analysis, targeted direct mail, legal research, grassroots mobilization, message development and image building.

POLICAMP provides a myriad of other services, including development of a Political Time Line which outlines the entire election schedule, the candidate’s public schedule, a media time table, a schedule of financial disclosure reports, lawn sign drives and street canvassing efforts.

POLICAMP assembles teams of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated individuals with the ability to provide Turnkey Head Quarters Management services. Our network of resources allows us the use of the latest in technology, incorporating active voter files with GIS imagery.

We can serve as liaison between civic organizations and other professional agents working on behalf of the candidate.

POLICAMP has a proven track record of more than twenty winning campaigns. At POLICAMP, we have mastered the blending of science with the art of persuasion.

Give your next election the POLICAMP Advantage!

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"Inside the Camp" Newsletter






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Desiree Charbonnet
Municipal Court

Charmaine Marchand

Lynda Van


Past & Present Campaign Clients

Barack Obama

Mitch Landrieu
Mayor, New Orleans

Cedric Richmond
U.S. Congress

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Mary Landrieu
U.S. Senate

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Kathleen Blanco

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Ed Lombard
Judge, Court of Appeal

Cynthia Willard
City Council

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Marc H. Morial
Mayor '94 - '02

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